ATDM|3Q is headquarter in Singapore and abriviation of Avizheh Technology and Development of Middle East

Most of customer called TDM since A in teh logo is no readable for them.We registered on 2006 and active in production and export business.

ATDM is owner of Gilsonite mine and bitumen refinery ito produce all types of bituminous products including penetration bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 80/100, oxidized bitumen like bitumen 115/15 and bitumen 85/25, emulsion bitumen grade bitumen SS1 and cutback bitumen in various range like bitumen mc30 and bitumen mc70 and distributing other oil base material.

ATDM exporting annually:

  • 200000MT (two hundred thousands tons) bitumen in drum , bulk and bag.
  • 100000MT (one hundred thousands tons) Gilsonite (natural asphalt) in powder and lump form.
  • 50000MT (fifty thousadns tons) lubricant (RPO rubber process oil,base oil,motor oil and grease…)
  • 20000MT (ten thousands tons) wax(paraffin wax,slack wax,residue wax,vaseline…)
10000MT (ten thousands tons) chemcials ( detergents , minerals and petrchemicals)

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