History of ATDM and Organizational Chart

ATDM Avizheh Technology and Development of Middle East

ATDM is abriviation of Avizheh Technology and Development of Middle East

Download ATDM catalogue

Download ATDM catalogue


ATDM is owner of Gilsonite mine and bitumen refinery in west of Iran to produce all types of bituminous products including penetration bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 80/100, oxidized bitumen like bitumen 115/15 and bitumen 85/25, emulsion bitumen grade bitumen SS1 and cutback bitumen in various range like bitumen mc30 and bitumen mc70 and distributing other oil base material.

ATDM is a large oil exporting and distributing company and was established on 2006 to assume the responsibilities of its predecessor, ATDM that has a history dating back more than 10 years.

ATDM Company with a history to conduct business in 140 countries on every continent throughout the world.

Our product basket which was formed in 2006 consists of Gilsonite, bitumen, wax and lubricant. 


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