virgin base oil

For lubrication oil which is considered as a basis and after adding additives to the final lubricant called based oil . In terms of volume of lubricant base oil is one of the most important components in the lubricant base oil formulation, on average, 95% up. Some groups, such as hydraulic and compressor lubricant, chemical additives and only 1% base oil makes up 99% combined. Other lubricants like metal working fluids, lubricants and gear oils contain additives may be up to 30%.
base oil can be obtained from oil or non-oil sources. virgin base oil obtained
from crude oil .Since most of the base oil used in the production of lubricants obtained from oil resources.
base oil properties of the oil obtained is dependent on the type of crude oil and refining operations. base oil is chemical components during the refining process of crude oil from which it obtained, to inherit. Since crude oil containing different combinations such as paraffinic hydrocarbons, naphthenic and aromatic sulfur compounds are also, base oil are also made up of these compounds. base oil composition comprising a major effect on the properties of spent oils, paraffinic compounds, naphthenic and aromatic.