Oil and Gas

Fluid loss control additives

Gilsonite fluid loss control additives in oil drilling fluid systems Gilsonite fluid loss control additives in powder form help in water base and oil base drilling to:1. Controls fluid loss and seepage2. Stabilizes shales3. Prevents lost circulation4. Strengthens the wellbore to increase wellbore stability5. Minimizes differential sticking6. Promotes effective filter cake development7. Performs in oil- …

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Gilsonite cementing

What is cementing additive? Cementing additive the best one is Gilsonite and naturally occurring hydrocarbon resin that can be used as a cementing additive in the oil and gas industry to enhance the performance of cement. By adding Gilsonite to cement, its properties such as strength, bonding ability, and resistance to high temperatures and pressures …

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Oil and gas additive

Oil and gas additive Oil and gas drilling fluids additive to control the viscosity, prevent fluid loss, and reduce friction during drilling. It can also improve the stability of the wellbore, reduce the risk of differential sticking, and help to prevent the collapse of the borehole. Gilsonite can be added directly to the drilling mud or …

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