Butadiene Rubber

PBR Polybutadiene rubber

CHARACTERISTICS OF PBR BUTADIENE RUBBER polybutadiene rubber containing a polymer obtained by block or graft polymerization of cis-1,4-polybutadiene with syndiotactic (syn)-1,2-polybutadiene, alone or blended with the other diene rubber, said syn-1,2-polybutadiene being crystallized and in a short fiber-like shape, and a breaking resistance characteristic and reinforcement characteristic being considerably improved by specifying the diameter and length of said short fiber, …

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Butadiene Rubber

Butadiene rubber Butadiene rubber is rubber for general use. The most usage of butadiene rubber is tire sidewall,floor covering-bicycle tire,foot wear,rubber toy,cable and rubber pipes.They are produced by butadiene. It may be present in macromolecules in form of cis-1.4, trans-1.4 and 1.2 structural units. 1.2 units have pendant vinyl group, thus they may create isomeric …

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