LABSA|Sulfonic Acid|Sulphonic acid

Previous Next Sulfonic Acid | LABSA Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid, LABSA is a largest volume surfactant because of its low cost, good performance; environmental friendliness .For the production of sulfonic acid, LABSA, alkaline benzene linear sulfation is usually used. Its components: linear alkyl benzene, oxygen, sulfur and citric acid. (LABSA) Sulfonic Acid | LABSA used in: Sulfonic …

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Texapon|SLES|SLS|Sodium Laureth ether sulfat

Texapon Our products are tailor-made solution that helps to improve quality, increase comfort and reduce energy consumption, resulting in innovative solutions for the sustainable development of the industry. One of our products is Texapon. Two groups of texapon are produced: Texapon N70, Texapon 70 %, SLES, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate Texapon 30% Chemical description Texapon Sodium lauryl myristyl …

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Sodium Tripolyphosphate STTP Sodium Tripolyphosphate one of the popular additives and ingredients in detergent industry in most countries. It usesin the production of synthetic detergents, and its content is between detergent powders. Prevents the re-deposition ofsolid particles and immersion, as well as the role of alkali in their STPP detergent powders at the water surface.SodiumTripolyphosphate STPP used in detergent as …

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Detergent|chemical detergent|produce

Detergent Detergent is substances that remove off particles of grease and dirt from other fabrics, objects, cloths, body and use in industry .Detergents are made up of different types. Any substance that is used to clean the laundry is called detergent. There are different types of detergent used depending upon the type of laundry. The kind of different detergents …

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