Glue adhesive

Tile glue|adhesive glue

Structure tile glue: Structure tile glue is based on acrylic emulsion resins. Tile glue has a very high adhesion capability; besides, Tile glue is impermeable against water after getting dry. Kind of tile glues Paste tile glue Powder tile glue Special powder tile glue Pool tile glue Concrete repairer Special concrete repairer Clause powder  Advantages tile glue: •    High adhesion •    suitable resilience •    Impermeable …

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pool glue|pool adhesive

Pool glue Powdered pool glue, which is structured by reinforced polymers, tile glue is used for tile work in a swimming pool, bathroom and sauna and Jacuzzi. Because of high adhesion properties of the powdered tile adhesive due to the presence of cementations base polymers, they are applied to various surfaces and tile glue is used as a …

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paste adhesive | paste glue

Previous Next paste glue   paste glue is a mixture of minerals, polymer additives, adhesive reinforcement and fillers that are ready for use. The paste glue is used to install a variety of materials, including tile and ceramic on the floor and inside the building. For the installation on the floor and walls inside and outside the building, …

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powder adhesive|powder glue

Previous Next powder adhesive   Powder adhesive is a mixture of cementation materials with polymer additives and adhesive boosters and mineral fillers, and is consumed only with the addition of water. This powder adhesive is produced on the basis of special cements and minerals. For the installation on the floor and walls inside and outside the building, such …

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wood glue|wood adhesive

wood glue Wood glue,most wood glues are a type of polyvinyl acetate (PVA). Also sometimes called carpenter’s glue, wood glue is formulated to penetrate wood fibers, making glue joints that are stronger than the wood itself. The wood glue is a water-based glue, water-based adhesive. The main Component is Polyvinyl acetate emulsion water, filler. Waterproof Glue is fine for …

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Previous Next Glue and adhesive The glue is a material that can create two levels of adhesive binding. A solid two-layer adhesive bond has been bonded to the bond that has a thin layer of adhesive. The adhesion of the two objects to each other is by a wonderful object in which the binding levels can be achieved through physical …

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