white oil

white oil

General description of white oil medical grade White oils are pured white mineral oils, refined to such an extremely high degree that these oils are suitable for internal medicinal use. white oil medical grade meet all pharmacopoeia as well the FDA (food and drug administration) regulation CFR 178.828 and 178.320(a) requirements. Our white oils are suitable …

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wax oil

General description of white oil white oil is manufactured from highly refined base oils and consist of saturated paraffinic and cyclo-paraffinic hydrocarbons. In liquid paraffin the refinement process ensures complete removal of aromatics, sulfur and nitrogen compounds. The technologies employed result in products that are highly stable over time besides being hydrophobic, colorless, odorless and …

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white oil cosmetic

General description of white oil cosmetic grade white oil cosmetic grade is refined and is clean of impurities.white oil cosmetic grade does not indicate that the oil is actually “white”. This oil is thin and clear. white oil cosmetic grade is used in formulations for aging, delicate or barrier damaged skin, as the skin needs …

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