caustic soda beads

What is Liquid caustic soda?

Caustic Soda flakes is a white hygroscopic substance. It dissolves easily in water and forms a soft, slippery and soapy solution. It has an itchy effect on human tissue. It is used in the laboratory to capture acidic gases such as CO2.

Transportation of caustic soda

According to customer location we choose the fastest delivery method according to customer location, cargo can ship by rail, land truck, vessel.caustic soda beads

Quality control

The quality control of liquid caustic soda for content is possible with ion-exclusion chromatography. To use the universal maintenance-free detection technique of conductivity, inverse suppression with Li+ is a crucial step

The usage area of liquid caustic soda

It is used in the production of many chemicals in the industry, in the textile industry, artificial silk, paper, paint, cleaning of oily dirt, Aluminum and food industry, detergent and soap production, oil refineries.

Identified kinds of liquid caustic soda

1 Caustic soda flakes

Caustic soda is a well know chemical material and basically alkali base, physically its snow white, solid, uniform shape like flakes and odorless which easily soluble in water and quality is %99 pure without any heavy metal caustic soda easily absorb moisture in the air. Also known as lye, sodium hydroxide caustic soda beads

2 Caustic soda pearl

3 Caustic soda lye

What Are the Factors Affecting Their Prices?

The price of substance directly depends on the prices of the chemicals used in its production.

Its production is directly dependent on salt prices. Because salt (NaCl) is used in the production of matter.caustic soda beads

As industrial production increases, the prices of this chemical will increase. Because; Due to the increase in the demand for material the raw material produced will not be able to meet the demand. Prices vary depending on the stocks of companies selling this chemical. As the stocks increase, the unit price decreases.

Storage of liquid caustic soda

Liquid caustic can be stored in tanks. caustic soda beads These tanks should be large enough to carry enough material. Necessary safety precautions should be taken and appropriate protective clothing (gloves, glasses, hard hat…) should be worn. There should be a water hose, an eye shower nearby, and their locations should be indicated by signs.

Product identification and transport information

Un number:1823

Inner packing :5m2

Outer packing:5m2

Cas no.: 1310-73-2

Packing group: ii

Product name        Liquid Caustic Soda

Chemical name     Sodium Hydroxide

Synonyms; trade names caustic soda

Dot classification: Class 8:  Corrosive material

Not flammable

Chemical Analysis






600 ppm Max


3 pp Max


5 ppm Max


0.01% Max


100 PP Max