Natural bitumen powder supplier use in drilling asphalt ink

Natural bitumen in paint, Ink, coat, asphalt, foundry and construction.

Paving road by Natural bitumen have long been used long time before including high speed automotive highways. It was found many years ago that an asphaltic material occurring naturally as a large area in Turkey made up of bitumen containing natural asphalt products including hydrocarbone.

It is used for insulation and protection of underground pipe as paint consisting essentially of 20 gallons of petroleum solvent, 10 gallons of linseed oil, 10 gallons turpentine, pounds of natural bitumen pigment, 4 gallons varnish mixture consisting of 17.8% pentaerythritol rosin ester, 30.8% dehydrated castor oil, 1.4% of a mixture of lead, cobalt and manganese naphthenates, 1 gallon wetting agent consisting essentially of salts of petroleum sulfonic acids, 2 quarts of drier, and 1 pint of a hydrocarbon silicon penetrating oil, obtained by heating a mixture of finely ground silicon dioxide under pressure to a temperature of about 300 F. with a distillate product obtained by subjecting natural bitumen to fractional distillation, said distillate product being that fraction which distills at a temperature range of about 430 F. to 438 F.

Natural bitumen in FLC(fluid loss control)

It is use in drilling fluid such as clay-based dispersions or muds, to coat the walls of well holes, is an old and well-established procedure. The purpose of the fluid is to stabilize the walls of the hole by forming a relatively thin but strongly adherent coating or "cake" on the walls. The coating must be able to withstand relatively high temperatures and it should be resistant to the passage of moisture or fluid there through; otherwise the desired wall stability is not maintained. 

Natural bitumen in Ink

Natural bitumen is widely used as the primary carbon black wetting agent for black news inks and headset and toner inks. ATDM product resin competes advantageously with hydrocarbon resins, phenolic resins.

Natural bitumen in Asphalt

We discovered that a synthetic flux oil can contain and deliver asphaltites, such as natural bitumen, more easily and readily to an asphalt to improve its properties. The synthetic flux oil includes the asphaltite and a carrier oil. Depending on the nature of the carrier oil, the synthetic flux oil may or may not need to be heated during mixing and incorporation into the asphalt.

Natural bitumen in Construction

Natural bitumen cement compositions are disclosed which utilize petroleum asphalt, mineral bitumen, a reactive oil and an elastomer. These compositions produce superior natural bitumen cement that can give low viscosity during application followed by high viscosity, toughness and tenacity after curing on the highway.

Natural bitumen in Foundry

It is an additive for foundry sand preblends providing reduced smoke and other emissions, the additive comprising a mixture of one part iron oxide as one part of a highly volatile carbonaceous material, and four parts of metallurgical coke. The additive is used as one quarter of the foundry sand preblend, the other three quarters consisting essentially of clays.

Packing of industrial natural bitumen in lump and powder form also micronized:

Natural bitumen in lump form like rock packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag

200 mesh packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag

300 mesh packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag

30-40 mesh packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag

100 mesh packed in 500~1000kg jumbo bag

300 mesh packed in 25kg pp bag

200 mesh packed 25kg multi paper bag

200 mesh packed 50lbs multi paper bag

30-40 mesh packed pp bag on pallet

Bulk on vessel

Natural bitumen

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