Bitumen 15/25

Bitumen 15/25 is penetration bitumen which is blown by hot air and blended by special polymers to keep the penetration in low level and softening point in high level.

Application of bitumen 15/25

Bitumen 15/25 useful for paving of bridge and stiffness asphalt mixes in heavy traffic road construction.

Bitumen 15/25 is used in bituminous mixtures and gives it a high degree of stiffness, developing a good tensile strength and fatigue specifically, according to the pg-3 standard, a high modulus for semi-dense mixtures man means a stiffness modulus> 1 1000 MPA.

Properties & specifications of bitumen 15/25

Bitumen 15/25 meets the NEN EN 13924:2006 specification requirements

Resistance to hardening: rolling thin film oven test at 163 °c (en 12607-1)

The NEN en 13924 specifications may be subject to change.

Bitumen 15/25 grade delivered to worldwide market as per en 13924 specifications.

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