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bright stock 150 | BS150

bright stock | BS150 The present invention relates to lube oil manufacture and more specifically, is directed to increased production of Bright Stock raffinate oil.Bright Stock raffinate oil is a high-boiling hydrocarbon fraction produced during lube oil manufacture and is well-known in the art.

Iran condensate product list

Iran condensate product list Condensate products in a subterranean formation may not flow through the subterranean formation to the location of a recovery well. Although the hydrocarbons may be poorly flowing for different reasons, frequently, gas injection aids the recovery of these

virgin base oil sn150,sn500,sn650

virgin base oil For lubrication oil which is considered as a basis and after adding additives to the final lubricant called based oil . In terms of volume of lubricant base oil is one of the most important components in the lubricant base oil formulation, on average, 95% up. Some groups, such

Iran light and heavy crude oil

How to buy Iran Crude Oil from ATDM 1- Iranian crude oil will be sold only to end users including refiners or oil companies who are in possess a valid and unconditional processing and/or sale agreement with one of the bonafide and active oil refiners. 2- The applicant must be a reputable

Iran fuel oil CST 280 and 380

Iran fuel oil CST 280 and 380 Fuel oils and other middle distillate petroleum fuel oil, e.g. fuel oil , contain small amounts of hydrocarbon waxes which tend to precipitate in large interlocking crystals at low temperatures. These hydrocarbon waxes are largely normal paraffin. This

Iran gasoil

Iranian gasoil Gasoil sits within the diesel fuel family, of which there are two primary types:  White gasoil White diesel is what is usually referred to as gasoil because of its use in automotive vehicles such as cars. Red gasoil Both red and white diesel are

Iran naphtha

Iraning naphtha Iran naphtha is a general term that has been used for over two thousand years to refer to flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixtures. Mixtures labeled naphtha have been produced from natural gas condensates, petroleum distillates, and the distillation of coal

Iran gasoline

Iran Gasoline Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbon chain molecules with between around 6 to 10 carbons atoms, in a bell curve centered around 8 carbon atoms (octanes). All those molecules aren&sharp39;t just straight carbon chains. Instead, they&sharp39;re in all sorts of configurations (isomers),

Iran LPG

Iran LPG The process provided by this invention can produce high yields of LPG rich in propylene and butylenes, meanwhile produce high yield of gasoline which has enhanced antiknocking ability and stability; and also produce diesel fraction, its quality is compatible to that produced

BR butadiene rubber

Butadiene rubber Butadiene rubber is rubber for general use. The most usage of butadiene rubber is tire sidewall,floor covering-bicycle tire,foot wear,rubber toy,cable and rubber pipes.They are produced by butadiene. It may be present in macromolecules in form of cis-1.4, trans-1.4 and 1.2


IRAN caustic soda flakes (Sodium hydroxide) Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), solid is a white and solid (flakes). Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye and caustic soda, is an inorganic compound with formula Noah. It is a white solid ionic compound consisting of sodium. Sodium hydroxide is a

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