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Lubricant produced by ATDM are delivered to worldwide different industries. Lubricant is used for lubrication of gearbox, hot forge molding, open gear, bearing, metal melting furnace, rotating kiln, gasoline engine, diesel engine, gas engine, locomotive, turbine, compressor etc. Lubricant range complies with ATDM customers’ demands with regard to friction, wear and lubrication as well as economic and ecologic optimization of the processes themselves. ATDM Co.  as pioneer in production of special industrial lubricants in Middle East has stabilized its status as a reliable and reputable supplier in heavy industries such as steel and cement plants as well as automotive industry considering the excellent quality and high capacity of its products.

Why use Lubricant?

  • To reduce friction.
  • To have good heat absorption.
  • To be non-corrosive.
  • To protect chemically and physically the metal surfaces.
  • To be stable and resistant at certain operational conditions e.g. temperature, pressure and speed.

What are different types of lubricant?

Lubricant produced by ATDM is suitable for lubrication of open gears in mills, drums and revolving furnaces, plain and antifriction bearings on electric motors, rolling mill trains, metal melting furnace, rotating kiln, gasoline engine, diesel engine, gas engine, locomotive, turbine, compressor etc. There are different types of Lubricant produced by ATDM as below:


  • Aluminum Complex Grease
  • Lithium Grease
  • Calcium Complex Grease
  • Bentonite Grease
  • Other Products

Automotive Lubricant

  • Gasoline Engine Oil
  • Diesel Engine Oil
  • Gas Engine Oil
  • Agriculture Oil
  • Off Road Oil
  • Locomotive Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • 2 Stroke

Industrial Lubricant

  • Turbine Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Compressor Oil
  • Industrial Gear Oil
  • Metal Working Fluids
  • Machine Tool Oil
  • Transformer Oil
  • Heat treatment Oil
  • Textile Oil
  • Corrosion Preventive
  • Heat Transfer Oil

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How to buy Crude Oil from ATDM 1- crude oil will be sold only to end users including refiners or oil companies who are in possess a valid and unconditional processing and/or sale agreement with one of the bonafide and active oil refiners. 2- The applicant must be a reputable oil company

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grease Grease produced by ATDM are delivered to worldwide different industries. This grease with temperature range from -30 C° to 1100 C° is used for lubrication of gearbox, chain and towing wire, vehicle ball-joint, hot forge molding, air filter, open gear, thread connect, bearing,

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Calcium Chloride Calcium Chloride is employed in lubricant to cool down and lubricate the bit and to get rid of cuttings from the outlet. additionally, it helps add density to the mud to beat formation pressures and keep oil, gas, and water in situ. salt inhibits clay and sedimentary rock


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