The process provided by this invention can produce high yields of LPG rich in propylene and butylenes, meanwhile produce high yield of gasoline which has enhanced antiknocking ability and stability; and also produce diesel fraction, its quality is compatible to that produced by conventional fluid catalytic cracking process. Riser pilot plant results show the yields(based on feed) as follows: LPG 30˜40 wt%, in which 67˜75 parts by weight are propylene and butylenes (i.e. total yield of propylene plus butylenes amounted to 20˜30 wt%); C5 + gasoline yields 45˜55 wt% with RONC of 91˜95, motor octane number(MONC) of 80˜84, induction period of 500˜1000 minutes and existent gum of 0˜3 mg/100 ml. LPG plus total liquid products are high up to 90 wt%.LPG to H2 ˜C2 ratio on weight basis is up to 8˜13:1.

LPG specification.


C2 hydrocarbon

% vol


C3 hydrocarbon

% vol


C4 hydrocarbon

% vol


C5 hydrocarbon

% vol


Hydrogen sulphide


Mercaptan sulphur (max)

g/ m3


Odorizing Agent

g/ m3


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