Glue and adhesive

The glue is a material that can create two levels of adhesive binding. A solid two-layer adhesive bond has been bonded to the bond that has a thin layer of adhesive. The adhesion of the two objects to each other is by a wonderful object in which the binding levels can be achieved through physical absorption (for example, interstellar) or supplemented absorption (such as force induction, binding hydrogen's).Adhesive can be defined as absorption between two surfaces.

One of the oldest methods of adhesive materials to each other was the use of adhesive, and the past works show that about 3,000 years ago, the adhesive was used. The old adhesives have a bit of bitumen-like style , first the technology of adhesives has had very little progress , after some age for this purpose, a mixture of phenolic resin chloroprene was made on useful adhesives.

Building glues have more growth and consumption, and new formulas of these types of adhesives are always available for new applications. The manufacturers of these adhesives are also in competition for their types. Today, there are more adhesive builders and formulators in the world, and this number is increasing

Adhesive applications

 Adhesives in the polymer industry

 Adhesives in the building industry, wallpapering and flooring

 Adhesives in leather industry

Glue use in medical, dentist

Glue in Colors and other coating, rubber, cover, plastic industrial

Glue used for packaging, sealing

Glue used in the electronic industry

Glue used in the automotive industry

The kind of glue based on use

Wood glue: Most wood glues are a type of polyvinyl acetate (PVA). Also sometimes called carpenter's glue, wood glue is formulated to penetrate wood fibers, making glue joints that are stronger than the wood itself

Tile glue: Structure tile glue is based on acrylic emulsion resins. It has a very high adhesion capability; besides, it is impermeable against water after getting dry

Pool glue: The pool adhesive is highly adhesive to a variety of horizontal and vertical surfaces and is very effective in sealing structures.

Immediate glue

Industrial glue: Industrial adhesives are used in the industries of shoes, leather, saddlers, automotive, car tires, floor coverings, furniture.

Building glue, Concrete glue: used for surface repair and concrete cracking.

Binding glue: This glue has high adhesion and flexibility power and used as the best connector for books, notebooks, laminating, box making and other cellulose substances and fabric

DMS adhesive

Glue carpet:  the best used for carpeting and flooring, foam, sponge

Thermal glue: It melts with high temperature and after it has a high strength.

Sealing adhesive


Protective coating

The kind of glue based on appearance 

Paste glue

Powder glue: Powdered adhesive is a cement base that is used after mixing with water and used with high adhesion strength to be applied on different surfaces.

Liquid glue

Storage and packing glue

Storage and packing glue is depending on the type of glue, because for example powder glue and wood glue is difference for packing and storage condition.

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