8 Clever Beauty Tips and Tricks of Petroleum Jelly

Benefits of Petroleum jelly

1. Hydrate Your Lips 

Prevent chapped lips or soothe sad ones by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to your lips day and night! Petroleum jelly moisturizes and hydrates, while leaving lips with the perfect natural-looking shine!

2. Moisturize Chapped Hands & Feet 

Dry hands and feet are the pits — they’re embarrassing, painful, and dry skin totally puts a damper on freshly painted nails. Plus, spring is approaching (hopefully sooner than later, fingers crossed!) and nothing rains on a parade more than putting on your favorite sandals only to find crackly, dry heels! Petroleum jelly has been my BEST FRIEND in situations like these — nothing has worked better! Apply a generous amount to your hands/feet at night and cover them up with socks or gloves. You’ll wake up in the morning to find noticeably softer skin

3. Tame the Brow Beast

Skip the crunchy brow gel and tame unruliness with a dab of petroleum jelly instead! Lightly coat a spoolie in the jelly and comb brows in place.

4. Keep Fingers and Cuticles Clean While Painting Nails

Not all of us are master manicurists, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend! Get perfectly painted nails without the worry of getting polish all over your dominant hand by simply applying a thin coat of petroleum jelly (using a trusty Q-Tip) around your finger nails and cuticles! The jelly will not only moisturize your cuticles, but it will more importantly act as a barrier to keep sneaky polish from attaching itself where it is most definitely not welcome! Just be sure to not get any petroleum jelly on your fingernails, or else it will do the same thing!

5.  Make a Base for DIY Exfoliators

Petroleum jelly can be a great base for any DIY exfoliator. Mix sugar or salt with it for an amazing exfoliator for your body, or apply a layer to your lips to gently buff away dead skin cells. Use a soft toothbrush, sweeping in circular motions, for unbelievably smooth lips!

6. Get a Dewy Glow

Apply a tiny amount of petroleum jelly with your fingertips to the top of your cheek and brow bones for a fresh, dewy look! Just remember, a little goes a longggg way, so don’t get too crazy.

7. Smooth Flyaways and Pesky Split Ends

Make split ends and flyaway hairs magically disappear with a light coating of petroleum jelly. Once again, a little goes a very long way, so get a super small amount on your fingers and wipe those naughty hairs back into place!

8. Get Superstar Glowing Legs

With warmer weather around the corner, shorts and dresses will be making their grand debut, which only means one thing: your legs will, too! Rub a light layer of petroleum jelly on your bare legs and watch how they transform into the glowing legs of your dreams

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