Bitumen consumption

Bitumen usage in different sector

Tar-like bitumen or asphalt waste recycled bitumen has similar properties but does not specify whose composition is identical bitumen. Physical pitch black to dark brown hydrocarbon in carbon disulfide and carbon tetrachloride completely dissolved. Bitumen at ambient temperature, is solid. But with increasing temperature, and then the dough is liquid again. The use of bitumen important because of two important properties of this material is impervious to water and being sticky. Black tar substance and paste moisture in the insulation and construction of asphalt used. Bitumen is often used in the field of construction and insulation. Approximately 90% of the bitumen produced is used in construction and insulation purposes, only 10 percent of the allocated pitch.
Market Overview
The online economy quoting Drake, bitumen is currently sold through the stock exchange and because the market is not enough. This has caused the price of bitumen increasing and many manufacturing units of the shortage of bitumen applicant declared their dissatisfaction.
supply capacity is empty.
Capital requirements
According to research, to create a pseudo-bitumen production unit to about 152 billion initial capital need. Below is a summary of the requirements of a practical capacity of 4 units. 950 tonnes of sub-bituminous offered in:

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