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Bitumen no more expect cheap price

Bitumen is the Cinderella of oil products – it has gone from languishing at the bottom of the pile, while more desirable products hog the limelight — to becoming something of a star performer, relative to products such as gasoline, diesel and jet, which usually trade far above it. Part of the strength has come from good demand

2020/06/02 103

Oxidized bitumen used waste plastic in production

Country&sharp39;s largest PSU oil refiner and retailer Indian Oil Corporation has taken up various initiatives to support the government&sharp39;s drive to eliminate single use plastic by converting these toxic wastes to productive use. These initiatives were launched to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatama Gandhi and as part of the Swachh

2019/10/07 614

ATDM participated in Iran oil and gas show

The Government is providing an investment friendly environment for the oil & gas sector to attract local and foreign investors. As a result of these financial and structural reforms, this sector has already emerged as one of the most attractive sectors for investment in the Country.  

2018/05/30 1258

Fire kills 5 workers at a Iran bitumen refinery

Bitumen storage tank fired A huge fire at bitumen storage in the southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas has left at least five people killed and two others severely injured. Bandar Abbas is about 1,200 kilometers, or 750 miles, south of the capital, Tehran. Iran&sharp39;s aging oil plants and related facilities, hard hit by years of

2018/01/24 1491

Gilsonite in self heating asphalt repair system

Cracks in asphalt are a common sight, but a pain to repair. It is expensive and because the roads need to be closed down for construction, traffic jams occur. Researchers at polymer institute of research and development in Iran are working on a solution by creating pothole proof, self-healing asphalt, which can be mended using a magnet

2017/10/17 1475

Specialized commissions of bitumen

Bitumen commissions Board of specialized commission of bitumen  choosed via Iranian oil and petrochemical exporters union(OPEX) as below name: Mr.Sheikhi as CEO Mr.Tajik as Deputy  Mr.Mokhtari as Member of board. They will support bitumen producer and exporter who are member of this commission.    

2017/08/06 1555

Argus announced ATDM exported bitumen for the first time to Qatar

Argus reported ATDM is first company who export bitumen to Qatar.

2017/08/06 1617

Global paraffin wax market 2017

Global paraffin wax market 2017-2022 is to provide company officials, industry investors, and paraffin wax industry members with consequential insights to enable them make reliable strategic decisions regarding the opportunities in the global paraffin wax market. The scope of the paraffin wax research report the global paraffin wax market

2017/05/27 848

Iran’s election will disrupt oil markets

Iran election is affecting not just Iran, but also its relationship with the west, and ultimately, crude oil prices. Iran May 19 presidential election could reverberate around the world, Incumbent president Hassan Rouhani won in 2013 on a platform of moderation and promoting dialogue with the west. Ultimately, that controversial gamble paid

2017/05/21 991

Shortage of bitumen in market

Bitumen shortage Due high demand in bitumen market and requirement of African countries all refineries in Iran decided to Iran the bitumen price and all expecting to get update price higher than 3 weeks before. Most of refineries are overbooked and foreign customer looking for material with price of last weeks but it is impossible

2016/12/11 1146

Oil price

Oil price after federal reserve decided to keep the interest  rate in US, investors increased index of all stocks and every commodity including crude oil showing up. But demand is stable and soon it should be down and get stable steady. 

2016/09/23 1062

Oil price increased since Iran sign agreement with OPEC

Oil price increased to More than 50$ per barrel after long time.  It is because of Iran commitment to OPEC on control of production.  Hurry up to book your order with secure of a PI for the paraffin wax , rubber process oil and bituminous products.   

2016/08/23 882
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