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South Korea boost Iran rubber process oil imports

South Korea boost Iran rubber process oil imports Since sanction against iran lift up south korea and iran cooperation increased in 2016.Korea is the in fifth importer of oil product (rubber process oil) which import most of the product from iran because of good quality, fast delivery and competitive price South Korea&sharp39;s trade ministry said

2016/06/18 650

Latest News of Iran Wax

News of Iran wax India has imported major part of Residue Wax needed from Iran in April 2016. Iran Exported 1300 MT Residue Wax to India during the first quarter of Jan to March 2016. China, Iran UAE are major exporters of Paraffin Wax to India in March 2016. Iran fully refined paraffin wax price increased 10 USD/MT in May 2016

2016/06/18 650

Bitumen in bulk vessel

Bitumen loading in bulk vessel. We are able to deliver full load bitumen vessel from Bandar Abbas to worldwide.  The possible capacity of loading is up to 70000 tons and before asking any quotation regarding bulk bitumen needed to check Q88 of vessel. It is checking hight of vessel and compatibility with anchorage

2016/06/17 852

New packing of oxidized bitumen

New packing of oxidized bitumen in carton box ATDM developed new packing of oxidized bitumen in carton. The packing is not stickable and 25 kg and 1 ton per pallet.  20 pallet per container and    

2016/06/17 542

ATDM moved to new office

ATDM new location ATDM moved to new office in northern part of Tehran in business area in luxury office area. Welcome to our office! Full contact details is: Unit.21,No.240,Golestan 5,Pasdaran Ave., Tehran-Iran.Postal code: 1666947546 Tel: 0098-21-26656401~5 Fax: 0098-21-26656254

2016/05/31 625

Oil show in Iran

Iran oil show On May 5, there is very big oil show in the middle east which is located in Iran and all oil and gas companies will participate on. ATDM also participated and would like to ask you to joint us to  have a cup of coffe in our booth.    

2016/05/04 588

Iran market seeks stability

Tehran supports moves like the Doha conference which are aimed at tackling the consistent market volatility Oil minister said certain oil-producing countries opposed lifting of sanctions on Iran right from the beginning and for this reason they tried to keep oil prices as low as possible in a push to bother Iran&sharp39;s economy. By joining the

2016/04/23 551

A US company seeks to purchase petrochemical products from An Iranian Petrochemical Co.

A US company seeks to purchase petrochemical products from Abadan s Petrochemical Co. The US has conducted some negotiations with his company through its European branch to buy Iranian petrochemical products. The US company has requested to purchase PVC products. He said a number of Italian, Spanish, German and Indian companies have

2016/04/20 478

History of wax seals and how it has been used

The use of wax seals goes back to the world s first civilizations These first seals were made with clay that was impressed with engraved cylinders or rings. The use of wax seals largely disappeared along with the popularity of hand written correspondence. They add an element of distinction to your correspondence, and, perhaps just as

2016/04/17 520

Possibility of decreasing oil price

Oil price in global market has chance to decrease again.  It is because of USD value and interest rate of US government which is increased.  Effect of oil market on other commodity is decrease oil gold price on near future. 

2016/03/24 482

Bitumen consumption

Bitumen usage in different sector Tar-like bitumen or asphalt waste recycled bitumen has similar properties but does not specify whose composition is identical bitumen. Physical pitch black to dark brown hydrocarbon in carbon disulfide and carbon tetrachloride completely dissolved. Bitumen at ambient temperature, is solid. But with increasing

2016/03/05 1156

Equipment of oil refinery in Iran

Since Iran was on sanction a lot of refinery equipment was on hold. siemens is one of supplier of oil and gas parts in Asaluye in south part of Iran.  Yesterday two vessel arrive to Iran which is delivered all hold equipment during sanction.  This refineies and petrochemical companies are on progress based on 85% and witching 6

2016/02/29 665
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