Bitumen 10|Bitumen 30|Bitumen 40

Bitumen 10

Bitumen 10 is type of hard grade building asphalt with penetration starting from #10 that is why it is famous asphalt number 10.Bitumen No.10 is available in bag and drum also bulk tanker. This grade of asphalt building material is mostly using in eastern Asia market specially Taiwan and China also Philippine and Indonesia.

Bitumen 30

Bitumen 30 is soft grade of blown bitumen with softening point of 30 +5 and softening point approx. 70C and it is available in bag and drum but in summer time it is risky to take it in bag due leakage of bitumen 30 inside of container. Bitumen No.30 is producing by bitumen #60 and after heating up and lost 5% of total weight the first grade of oxidized bitumen is number 30.

Bitumen 40

Bitumen number 40 is made by extract of bitumen #60 and it is very soft grade of oxidised asphalt that should be packed in steel drum.It is flexible bitumen while the softening point is high.This type of asphalt is useful to use in road construction to keep the asphalt stable against hot season and movment.

Uses of bitumen #10 #30 #40

1. For underground moisture, waterproofing works
2. For nuclear power engineering, pipeline engineering, bottom anticorrosion, asphalt production of the production 
3. For waterproofing membrane, moisture-proof paper production, etc.
4. For Anti-corrosion paint and waterproof production
5. Used for road and bridge caulking use

Data sheet of bitumen number 10&30&40

Technical indicators

No. 10

No. 30

No. 40

Penetration (25 ° C, 100 g, 5 s) / (0.1 mm)

10 ~ 25

26 ~ 35

36 ~ 50

The ductility (25 ° C, 5 cm / min) / cm is not less than




Softening point (ball method) / ℃ not less than




Solubility (trichloroethylene) /% is not less than


Evaporation loss (163 ° C, 5 h) /% no more than


After evaporation, the penetration ratio (25 ℃) /% is not less than


Flash point (open cup) / ℃ not less than


Brittle / ℃


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