RAE(residual aromatic extract)

General description of RAE

RAE aromatic rubber oil (residual aromatic extract) process for producing a refined, extracted and optionally de waxed process oil, which as a process step, the extraction of a bright stock extract residual aromatic extract or a mixture of a bright stock extract

Uses of Residual aromatic extract

Residual aromatic extract (RAE) is suitable for producing summer, all season and high-performance tyres.

Packing of RAE

Actually Residual aromatic extract  rubber process oil is packed in new or used 180 kg drums , iso tank , flexi tanks and bulk shipments. Each 20 foot container takes 80 drum .

Guaranty/warranty of RAE

Atdm guaranty the quality of Residual aromatic extract with arrangement of international inspector to check quality and quantity of Residual aromatic extract  during the loading to vessel and controlling the production by qc by batch test report before shipping. Atdm guaranty the quality to meet with astm .