Bitumen pellets to use in asphalt

Polymerised bitumen pellets We insert polymers based on customer design to the bitumen with very high technology machinery to make bitumen pallet and meet asphalt standards for VG grades,PG grades and PMB bitumen. For instance add SBS to bitumen by high quality colloid mill to the bitumen and make pellet and supply to customer then customer …

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Natural amorphous graphite powder

What is amorphous graphite? amorphous graphite is a solid, black, bituminous material which is found in significant quantities in certain subterranean, hydrocarbon-containing reservoirs. The reservoirs are carbonate reservoirs and some sandstone reservoirs.The reservoirs which we have examined typically contain between 0.1 wt. % and 10 wt. % graphite. The graphite is typically present as a filling or …

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gilsonite powder manufacturer for sale in foundry propose

General description of gilsonite manufacturer for foundry propose in foundry Gilsonite foundry additive for foundry sand pre-blends providing reduced smoke and other emissions, the additive comprising a mixture of one part iron oxide, one part of a highly volatile carbonaceous material such as Gilsonite , and four parts of metallurgical coke.  The additive is used as one …

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Asphaltite powder producer for sale in paint industry

General description of Asphaltite powder in paint and drilling Asphaltite is concrete floor paint is special a black lustrous asphalt to protect and decorate floors in homes and industry, both indoors and outdoors. Gilsonite concrete floor paint is a scientifically formulated treatment for masonry floors. It outperforms ordinary floor paint under traffic, washings, weather, acids and alkalis. Paints with asphaltite …

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Asphalt powder seller Ink grade to work as stabilizer

Asphalt powder 200 mesh using in offset,letterpress,news ink Asphalt powder blending in newspaper offset printing ink as non-petroleum additive comprising a blend of gilosnite flakes and tall oil fatty acid together with carbon black pigment. The proportions of the  bitumen powder and the tall oil fatty acid may be varied, as viscosity requirements change due to differences in press …

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Fluid loss control additives

Description and benefit of Gilsonite as fluid loss control additives in oil drilling fluid systems Fluid loss control additives like Gilsonite powder help in water base and oil base drilling to:1. Controls fluid loss and seepage2. Stabilizes shales3. Prevents lost circulation4. Strengthens the wellbore to increase wellbore stability5. Minimizes differential sticking6. Promotes effective filter cake …

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