Benefits of high aromatics rpo

Benefits of high aromatics rubber process oil

Higher aromatic content may offer both the polymer manufacturer and the rubber compounder more reliability and latitude to increase oil loading without unacceptable oil bleed out. Since there is generally nothing less expensive in most rubber recipes than process oil for the polymer and rubber compounder alike, the higher aromatic content helps reduce the pound/volume cost.

For the rubber compounder, the higher aromatic content also helps to :

  • promote faster mixing by improving take-up time 
  • greater productivity 
  • faster mixing times
  • lower power consumption per batch.
  • Better carbon black dispersion.

For many polymer systems and oil with higher aromatic content imparts better carbon black dispersion and, therefore, helps to achieve better product consistency for statistical process control. It concludes that carbon black dispersion increases as the aromatic content of the oil increases, and that, in general, physical properties improve as the degree of dispersion increases.



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