curing dry skin of Covid 19 time

dry skins of hands which are common  becasue of too many washing times and using washing liquids and alchoholic hand jells can be easily cured by using cosmetic grade petroleum jelly (vaseline ) on skin.

the oily layer avoids vaporating moisture and helps the cells of skin to remain more natural oil body in the same eara and improve softness and fress ness of the hands skins.

these days we wash our hands many times during the day to clean probable Corona Virus availabe on our hands and avoid entering to our body since the virus is oily type and sticky , we should not use petroleum jelly or any other cream on hands during the day since it will increase the possibility of sticking virus to our hands .

petroleum jelly should be put at night time before sleeping on hands to avoid sticking dirty

if the dryness and crashes on the hands skin is serious please put plastic gloves after using petroleuj jelly for some nights it will help to have soft hands skin again .

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