EMEC Gilsonite

We are supplying EMEC brand in 25Kg multi paper bag on pallet for drilling fluids application.

EMEC TONE and EMEC NT is brand Egypt company which we are packing for them Gilsonite under their brand name.

 EMEC gilsonite is high quality, trouble-free and cost-efficient product for more than 30 years and EMEC drilling fluids have been used in some of the challenging wells in the region, delivering the exemplary performance demanded of extended-reach, slim-hole and HPHT drilling.

 EMEC gilsonite use in high-performance water- and oil-based drilling and drill-in fluids, we can help you tackle even the most challenging of well requirements. What’s more, our extensive inventory of high-quality products is sourced from respected local suppliers as well as leading international organizations; so whether you require standard or specialty drilling fluids, you can be sure we’ll supply the best-of-breed product you require.