Gilsonite Utah

Gilsonite Utah is a black, brittle, lustrous mineral consisting of hydrocarbons, chiefly found in the Southwestern section of the United States, principally in Utah and Colorado.

Gilsonite especially that found in the Utah Basin, Uintah County, State of Utah, with a proper proportion of Utah Gilsonite, as also found in the Uintah Basin of Utah and selected from the standpoint of physical characteristics that will effectively modify such characteristics of the natural tar sand, and that, by fine-sizing both such materials, preferably done so together so that the Gilsonite will alter the stickiness of the tar sand and the tar sand will alleviate the Gilsonite dust, a final product is obtained that is actually superior to Trinidad Lake Asphalt as a natural additive composition for modifying a paving asphalt, especially the many forms of refinery asphalt normally used for paving purposes.

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