how remove bad smell of bitumen RC 70

bitumen RC70 odour and smell remove

How remove odour of bitumen RC 70?

Bitumen RC 70 is very light and rapid curing bitumen and during road construction it is using for fast dry to prevent traffic. It is made by mixing bitumen 60/70 to ultra-light solvent in close and adiabatic system.  

Bitumen RC 70 environmental protections care

Normally customers complaining about the bitumen smell and environmental officer fine the contractors. The bitumen tanker should discharge the material by shower line in special condition and more than kilometers normally get effect of this smell.

Solution to remove smell of bitumen by adding caustic soda!

By mixing caustic soda to the water in room temperature till the emulsion getting saturated and you would not be able to mix more inside. By this process the media will get active and there would be some heat also but not much.(before the MIXTURE please read MSDS of caustic soda

caustic soda flake use in odour less bitumen RC70 remove bad smell

Portion of mixing caustic soda with bitumen 

Heat up the RC 70 bitumen to 50centigrade and then add 99% RC with 1% of above emulsion and mix together.

Enjoy no smell bitumen and apply to roads!

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