How we can produce the Sulfur in SPGC?

How we can Sulfur in SPGC?

Sulfur is another valuable export product by ATDM. After separating liquid gas from natural gas, the second part is the separation of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, which is called "gas sweetening". If the value of sulfur is high in the gas, it is called "sour gas". 

Sulfur in natural gas is odor, deadly breathing, it be damage the transmission pipelines and equipment and devices. 97% sulfur must be recovered from natural gas. This material called "base sulfur", is a yellow powder that can be prepared after the preparation, according to market requirements, in the same shape or after being processed to target markets. 

How many sulfur exported from SPGC?

Sulfur has used  in many industries  and agriculture, it can be used in the production of sulfuric acid, mineral refining, plastics and rubber industries, asphalt production and sulfur cement, chemical fertilizers, detergents, disinfectants ,etc. In 2008, the 244000 tons sulfur content of phases 1 to 5 of the South Pars Gas Complex, SPGC was exported. The South Pars Gas Complex SPGC is near in the port of Assalouyeh and it is suitable for shipping, so the production sulfur in SPGC is efficient for export.

Advantage export sulfur from SPGC:

The near to the ports of delivery so facilitates for loading and discharge.

The high quality of sulfur.

Granular sulfur and powder sulfur.

Easily transportation.

This advantage attracted the international customers to buy sulfur.

Specification sulfur of SPGC:

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