Jey bitumen price

Jey bitumen price

Jey bitumen price

Jey bitumen price is highest bitumen price in Iran market since quality of Jey is highest and most of contractor looking for Jey brand.Jey bitumen price has weekly fluctuation and they need 100% in advance to fix the rate otherwise on date of delivery if price of bitumen go up then they will calculate the price based on updated rate.

Jey bitumen is leading refinery located in Isfahan and leading exporter of bitumen in the Middle East. Normally 70% of Jey product exporting. Most of bitumen buyer looking for Jey bitumen price and then decide according to their budget buy which brand.

Jey bitumen price is higher since there is waiting on order

Since there is high demand on embossed drum of Jey bitumen then there is long queue or orders and normally price is high because of waiting on orders.

Jey bitumen price is according to packing and mostly if contractor take it in bulk and pack outside of Jey would be more economic compare buying directly embossed of Jey.

Jey bitumen has different grade as below:

Bitumen 10/20 20/30 30/40 40/50 and bitumen 60/70 80/100 85/100 40/50 90/130 and 160/220 

To be able to get update today Jey bitumen price please contact on:

Whats up: 00989125125676

Contact Person: Salar

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