Khangiran Lump sulfur

Khangiran Lump sulfur

Khangiran Lump sulfur is the best sulfur that ATDM could send you best offer, best delivery time, save your money. ATDM is supplier in the Chemicals same as lump sulfur. If you need the analysis of specifications, technical specification of Khangiran lump sulfur, you can see as below:

How do Khangiran refinery produce the lump sulfur?

Sulfur is a material that is produce from gas purification process , then melt into molding areas and cools in the process step by step .Special  machinery and equipment   break to pieces the cooled sulfur .This sulphur become lump sulphur and the lump sulfur is ready to carry.

Sulfur is the second major product of the khangiran gas refinery, the Shahid Hashemi-Nejad gas refinery is ranked first in Iran. This lump sulfur is used in various industries, including sulfuric acid production. The refinery always increase the purity of sulfur and reduce the ash in the product, according to request from customer and buyer , and this refinery try to get better products using the most advanced technology in this field.

Delivery dates of Khangiran produce the lump sulfur:

Delivery date lump sulfur: One week after purchase.smiley

Color Khangiran lump sulfur: yellow

Density Khangiran lump sulfur kg/m3:1100-11500


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