low oil slack wax in bags packing

slack wax 5% oil content  can be packed in sac or bags 

normal packing for the slack wax is drum or iso tank , if  the oil content of the slack wax is 5% or lower it can be packed in bags which is too economic for the transportation cost.

in drum max capacity of a 20' container is 14-15 metric ton but in bag we can load 20-21 metric tone slack wax

 lower oil slack wax

the quality of slack wax is related to the oil content , lower oil means higher amount of wax and better quality

there will not be any need for the extracting oil to have a more solid and better product

5% slack wax for candle

normally  slack wax goes for pressing and de oiling process and then bleaching and de coloring and the final product will be paraffinw wax ready to be melted and some additives to make pollar , warmer and other shapes of beautiful candles.

in this grade of slack wax there will not be any use for de oiling and pressing and one process will be omitted so it will be more economical for candle making.

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