paraffin wax quality

white paraffin has higher quality and more transparent. The major uses of these products are candles, food, leather and other industries.

Paraffin is being exported mostly to the countries of Central Asia and in Africa.

macrocrystal solid paraffin or light paraffin : This is a less-known type of solid paraffin which is called crystal paraffin in the market. It can also has different oil content according to customers' request . Slack wax and paraffin wax is the style of this type of material obtained by Sweating method of producing paraffin .
Microcrystalline solid paraffin or heavy paraffin : more than 90% of solid paraffin which are available in the market are heavy micro paraffin . raw material of this kind of paraffin is heavy slack wax which turns to paraffin by pressing bags of slack wax to the steel plates in a determined temperature.

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