Pasargad bitumen price

Pasargad bitumen price

Pasargad bitumen price


Pasargad bitumen is a company who produce bitumen under name of Pasargad Oil Company and indicating price of bitumen in the Middle East.


Pasargad bitumen price is updating weekly and normally dealing in Iran merchandise exchange.


Pasargad bitumen price is depending on packing:

Bitumen in Drum

Bitumen in Bulk

Bitumen in bag

Pasargad bitumen price discount system

The customers who pick up the purchased cargo in 45 calendar day from transaction date, will enjoy the discounts mentioned hereunder. The basis of calculations is the rate of central money exchange chamber on the date of transaction in exchange market by the seller through exchange chamber.



USD (Central Bank rate)

Loading in 45 calendar day from the transaction date in IME


USD 3.4 per each ton

500 MT to 2.000 MT


USD 5 per each ton

2.000 MT to 5.000 MT


USD 6/8 per each ton

Above 5.000 MT



The customers who pick up the cargo more than 85.000 MT from 20 March 2016 (in cash or credit payment), will enjoy  USD 5 (official rate) on per each ton pasargad bitumen price. (Addition to the mentioned discounts in the above table).


To be able to give you today rate of Pasargad bitumen please send massage on our whats up to get weekly price on: 00989125125676

Contact person: Salar Sabbagh

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