Properties of rubber process oil

Properties of rubber process oil

What is polycyclic aromatic compound (pca) ?

In the rubber process oil , the pca content has to be less than 3% by weight. In europe, the handling of mineral oil containing 3% or more of pca is limited in view of the problem of carcinogenicity, and this is the same with the rubber process oil. Incidentally, the pca content is measured by the method of institute of petroleum.


What is kinematic viscosity in rubber process oil?

The most important item of rubber process oil is the kinematic viscosity @ 100° ,kinematic viscosity at 100° c. Can be vary from 10 up to 70, most preferable viscosity is between 30 and 60. When the kinematic viscosity is lower than 10, ordinary properties of a vulcanized rubber are decreased. When it is higher than 70 process ability and an operability in blending with a rubber become poor. Especially, in case of an aromatic vulcanized rubber, when the rubber process oil having this range of the kinematic viscosity is appropriately used according to properties of the rubber, the prevention of bleeding of a plasticizer from the vulcanized rubber can be improved. The kinematic viscosity is measured according to astm d 445.

What is usual flash point in rubber process oil?

In the extract or rubber process oil flash point is vary from 170° c up to 250° c. Depends on kind of rubber process oil whether it is aromatic rubber or paraffinic rubber . In the process for producing rubber process oil it is preferable that the flash point is 210° c. And above. When the flash point is low risk of flammability increasing so in handling the rubber process oil it may makes some issues. The flash point is measured according to astm d 92


What is normal density of rubber process oil?

Normal density in rubber process oil is between 0.870 and 0.970 g/cm3, and the more prefer from 0.900 to 0.960 g/cm3. When the density of the rubber process oil is different from above mentioned numbers in blending with a rubber or ink, the blending procedure has to be changed. So we try to keep amount in stable range the density is measured according to astm d 4052.


What is aniline point in rubber process oil?

The lowest temperature which oil and aniline dissolve in each other in equal amount is called aniline point of the oil. The relative aromatic content of oil is indicated by aniline point .oil with high aromatic content have low aniline point . Aniline point of rubber process oil measured according to astm d 611


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