Pyrobitumen supplier


What is Pyrobitumen?

Pyrobitumen is a solid, black, bituminous material which is found in significant quantities in certain subterranean, hydrocarbon-containing reservoirs.

The reservoirs are carbonate reservoirs and some sandstone reservoirs.

The reservoirs which we have examined typically contain between 0.1 wt. % and 10 wt. % Pyrobitumen.

The Pyrobitumen is typically present as a filling or lining within vugular and intercrystalline pore networks and fractures. It is generally accepted that Pyrobitumen was formed in-situ by either thermal alteration of oil or de-asphalting of heavy oil.

The Pyrobitumen is an impediment to hydrocarbon productivity because of its oil-wetness, porosity occlusion and permeability reduction characteristics.

It is the objective of the present invention to improve the effective permeability of the reservoir rock and enhance the producibility of a well completed in the reservoir, by removing Pyrobitumen.

Application of Pyrobitumen

Pyrobitumen in oil well drilling

                    It is using for oil well drilling fluid

Pyrobitumen in foundry

                    It is using to make smooth surface

Pyrobitumen in mix with asphalt

                    It is using to increase hardness of asphalt

Packing of Pyrobitumen

We supply Pyrobitumen packed in 25Kg bag in 30-40 mesh also 200 mesh and 325 mesh or in raw form in rock or lump packed in jumbo bag

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