rubber processing oil in flexitank

RPO rubber process oil in flexi tank

A flexitank is an alternative liquid oils such as rubber process oil , base oil , industrial oil , … which can be used in different transportation mode such as railway or road tanks , container and other forms of transportation. Most of the customers, who were initially receiving rubber process oil , RPO  in drums or in drums – have found that it is much better to ship their cargo by flexi tank cause it is more cost effective .

How much metric ton we can load on flexitank ?

The volume of flexitanks is different, depending on the viscosity of rubber process oil, the capacity will be 22 MT/flexitank .

How customer can discharge RPO from flexi tank ?

There is a lot of way to unload/discharge rubber process oil from flexi tank :

  • Using heating pad under the bags so heating RPO make it more viscous so it makes it more easy to discharge .
  • Tear the bags in rubber processing oil pool .
  • Pumping RPO from flexi to where we need such as oil pools , tankers , drums , … .

What is Benefits and Advantages of Flexi packing for exporting rubber processing oil ?

  • Total cost reduction and higher profit margin
  • able to load about 5 MT more RPO in containers by flexi in compare with drum
  • by buying rpo in flexi tank customer can control the high price of product in market since rpo dcrease cost of product
  • Cash flow optimization
  • fastdoor to door delivery
  • use flexi tank as storage and can stock it in each weather condition
  • Integrated service:shipping containers can be transferred to trucks, so flexitank can serve as a cost-effective door-to-door package for/from deep inland and difficult to reach destinations .
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