Semi Refined Paraffin uses

Semi Refined Paraffin uses

The molecular structure of hydrocarbons is in ring and chain, but is only chain in paraffin. Paraffin is solid in original, becomes liquid at high temperatures, in low temperatures to maintain their stability it is solid.


one of the lubricants except industrial oil is paraffin, in places where oil cannot be used because of hygienic environment paraffin is used for example in health , food and industrial machinery and equipment, in home and leather cover, leather factories, candle making , plants and many other synthetic fibers and cellulose.


semi refined paraffin is industrial paraffin and food grade paraffin should be fully refined and it is oil content must be less than 0.5%.

Export Paraffin

because of the variety of paraffin wax usage in all countries it is exported extensively to all over the world. Iran has been able to produce paraffin wax in large quantity and in high quality to export it to many countries. to export paraffin , exporter needs to have special license and certificate too.

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