what is aromatic synthetic rubber process oil ?

what is synthetic rubber ? 

Synthetic rubber is made from petroleum and is classified as an artificial elastomer. Elasticy means that it is able to be deformed without any damage, and will return to its original shape after being stretched. Manmade rubber has many advantages over natural rubber, and is used in many applications due to its superior performance Which is more industrialized nations.

The demand for rubber sources began to increase rapidly with the invention of automobiles and automobile tires. Creating artificial rubber begins with petroleum. Two gases called butadiene and styrene are produced as byproducts during the petroleum refining process. Liquid latex, a basic form of synthetic rubber, is created when butadiene and styrene are properly combined. After liquid latex is allowed to dry, it can be formed into different shapes and used by manufacturing facilities in place of natural rubber.

Synthetic rubber is used in a wide variety of applications in car tires, artificial rubber is also commonly used to produce medical equipment, molded parts, and belts for machinery. Many industrial hoses and seals are also created using man-made rubber.

Also Rubber extract (RPO) is widely used in tire treads for aircraft and automobiles, and also for conveyor belts, products that must resist high heat levels, such as vehicle heating hoses and performance car tires.



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