what is Carbon Black Feed Stock (CBFS) ?

CBFS carbon black feedstock

what is Carbon Black Feed Stock (CBFS) ?

The offered feed stock is well-suited for production of carbon black that is the basic material for manufacturing vehicle tires.one of the main raw material for manufacture of carbon black is CBFS, which is used by the tyre industry for making tire of vehicles . A small portion of this product is also used by processors to make various downstream chemicals like White Oil , etc. CBFS used for manufacture of Rubber Process Oils , RPO , DAE.   Sulphur content in CBFS reduces the effect of BMCI value.The best recipe of using CBFS is blend it with gilsonite and TDAE then you will make green tire!

benefit of carbon black feed stock :

·  Suitable for processing of tar coal, incense sticks and tires

·  Stable and appropriate chemical properties

·  Extremely low chemical variability

·   Used as an additive for improving the carbon content in metals


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