Which kind of skin glues do you use?

Which kind of skin glues do you use?

The  skin glues  are different  in varying degrees, such as strength, dry time, and water resistance, medical skin glues were all made with the same purpose in mind which is to be an alternative to stitches or bandages for open wounds.

It is important that the skin glue lessens the chances of any allergic reaction to your body. Anyway, skin glues, skin adhesives are ideal to use when gluing anything to the body for any costume purposes. You can skin glue stuff to your body or maybe sequins to your face.

 Some medical skin glues will slowly dissolve on the wound over time, while others have to be removed.

Skin glue for cosmetic

Eyelash glue when you want to stick the extra eyelash on your eyes.( artificial eyelash) Eyelash glue is a cosmetic glue that is used to attach and stick false eyelashes to the face. You can glue stuff to your body or your face. Actually the eye is very sensitive area and has to safe enough to use on the eye region, then it is safe to say that you can use this in other body parts. The kind of eyelash glues

1. Liquid eyelash glues: these are liquid.

2. Latex eyelash glues: the common eyelash adhesive, this type of eyelash glue can be removed easily but disadvantage it is not suitable that people who are allergic to rubber

3. Cream eyelash glues

4. Eyelash glues are waterproof or non-waterproof eyelash glue. Waterproof eyelash, the problem is they are extremely stubborn and hard to remove.

5- Eyelash glues maybe clear and dark adhesive

Skin glue for nail

Nail glue when you want to use artificial nail. Artificial nails create that manicure style without the hassle of growing out, polishing and painting the perfect nail lacquer. Glue nails are one of the cosmetic glue and skin glue. Most artificial nail are made of acrylic .This manicure style should only be used sparingly to retain the vitality of your natural nails since the powerful glue nail can damage natural nails if used too often. Resin in the nail industry refers to cyanoacrylate glue.

The skin glues containing guar gum.yes

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