Calcium Bromide in Drilling


Application liquid calcium bromide In drilling

Calcium bromide in drilling with CaBr2 chemical formula is a combination fluid of 14.2 Ibs/gal density. And also its non-damaging to the formation, therefore is thermally and chemically stable and can be blended with other solutions containing bromides and chloride, and it contains 52 percent by weight in solution. It is very effective because it improves the drilling fluid efficiency a great deal and the oil recovery too is impeccable with it. Another effective reason behind the success of calcium bromide in the oil drilling industry is that it is readily available with manufacturers of all scales.

Calcium bromide usages at oil & gas drilling

Calcium bromide in drilling has a number of useful applications in drilling oil and gas, almost every stage of oil and gas exploration process in ocean wells. It can be adjusted to meld seamlessly with the specific characteristics of individual drill holes. Its known to protect the inner surface of the drill lines and can aid in the repair of the inner surfaces of the drill holes, thus preventing the collapse of the rock surface. It reduces the seepages and damages to the productive zone of the original drill site. This completion fluid can also make it easier to go back to the original drill zone and branch out into secondary, productive zones. Thus it proves to be the right choice for oil exploration units, not only this although it has also marked its presence in the financial sector.

the important role of calcium bromide for drilling oil industry

Calcium bromide in drilling is used widely in long term projects that involve oil and gas resources. So enhancement in oil and gas exploration field functions depend heavily upon the completion fluid being used. It is much effective because it improves the drilling fluid efficiency a great deal and the oil recovery too is impeccable with it. It serves as an excellent drilling mud helps balance the unstable strata while drilling oil and gas and prevents intrusion of water that may be encountered while drilling on uneven surfaces, so usage of liquid calcium bromide as a completion fluid. calcium

Why is calcium bromide better than other industrial oil drilling Chemicals

On of the most important reasons is that calcium bromide liquid mixes easily with all the major zinc and calcium based brines. The presence of moisture in large scale oil production can easily result in oil flow lines corrosion and therefore, the use of calcium bromide helps in countering such problems. It can also prevent the migration and hydration of swelling clays.

Recommended handling

All personnel handling this material must handle it as an industrial chemical ,wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as described in the Safety Data sheet (SDS)

Packing and storage

Calcium bromide in drilling Packed in 200l (55Gal)drum or 1500Kg IBC tank , and it Stored in dry, well-ventilated area , be careful:
  • Keeps containers closed.
  •  And keeps away from heat, Sparks and flamed, also store away from incompatible,
  •  And follow safe warehousing practices regarding palletizing ,banding , shrink-wrapping and stacking
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