Base oil


Description of base oil

Base oil ,For lubrication oil which is considered as a basis and after adding additives to the final lubricant called based oil . In terms of volume of lubricant it is one of the most important components in the lubricant base formulation, on average, 95% up. Some groups, such as hydraulic and compressor lubricant, chemical additives and only 1% base oil makes up 99% combined. Other lubricants like metal working fluids, lubricants and gear oils contain additives may be up to 30%.

How do you get base oil?

It can be obtained from oil or non-oil sources. virgin base oil obtained from crude oil .Since most of the oil used in the production of lubricants obtained from oil resources.

Properties of base oil

It properties of the oil obtained is dependent on the type of crude oil and refining operations. It is chemical components during the refining process of crude oil from which it obtained, to inherit. Since crude oil containing different combinations such as paraffinic hydrocarbons, naphthenic and aromatic sulfur compounds are also, they are also made up of these compounds. it composition comprising a major effect on the properties of spent oils, paraffinic compounds, naphthenic and aromatic. ATDM company is proud to produce and distribute base oil of any purity all over the world.

Base Lubricant ASTM and IP quality control Test

Evaporation Loss D5800
Density D1298, D4052, IP 365
Volatility D6417
Water D6304
Water Separability D1401
Aniline Point D611
Acid Number D664 (includes Strong Acid Number)
Acid and Base Number D974 (includes Strong Acid Number)
Copper Strip Corrosion D130
Ash Content D482
Refractive Index D1218
Pour Point D97, D5950, D5985, D5949
Kinematic Viscosity D445, IP 71
Viscosity IP 71
Viscosity Index D2270, IP 226
Sulfur D2622, D4294
Flash Point D92, D93
Color D1500, D6045
Boiling Point Distribution D2887
Viscosity by Cold Crank Simulator D5293
Nitrogen D5762
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