formalin|Urea formaldehyde resin powder concentrate



What is formalin?

Formalin is 37% to 50% solution of formaldehyde gas in water. Formalin is a colorless, transparent, highly odorous liquid, an aqueous solution of formaldehyde gas polar solvents. Irritant, toxic, and used as the most usable material in chemical, painting, and plastic industries and it is the third level of usable chemical materials.

The initial material of formalin is methanol which is an alcohol with the boiling point of 65 C which will be evaporated quickly and will produce an explosive gas after being combined with oxygen.

We should use sparkle equipment, firefighting equipment, gas leaking sensors, different storage equipped with chiller, Nitrogen gas injection part and etc. in order to prevent risks in the transportation and storage of Methanol.

In the production unit, first, we change methanol to extremely hot vapor by heating and then combine it with oxygen and convey it on a catalyst at 300 temperatures. After the transmission of combined gases on the catalyst in the reactor unit, formaldehyde gas will be produced.

Formaldehyde process

formaldehyde gas with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor exits from the reactor and is conducted to the absorption tower after being cold. As a result of water flow, available formaldehyde in gas was absorbed and the solution will be produced and kept in the lower part of the tower and conveyed to the storage condenser after being cold.

Since the chemical reaction of formaldehyde is very complex and dangerous, an advanced computerized unit by use of a PLC system, controls this process automatically.

After primary quality controls, it is transferred to the original storage reservoir and sent out for sale or consumption.

Specification, packing, and properties of the product

packing is in HDPE drum, each drum container 240Kg  on the pallet.20 pallets equal 80 drums we can stuff into a 20ft container.

Assay37 – 38 %
Free acid (as HCOOH)max. 0.03 %
Methanol (GC)10 – 15 Vol.%
APHAmax. 10
Vapor Density1.03 (vs air)
Contains10-15% methanol as stabilizer
Vapor Pressure52 mmHg ( 37 °C)
Autoignition Temperature572 °F
Density1.09 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Boiling point93 – 96 °C
Freezing point< -15 °C
Density1.080 – 1.090 g/cm3
Flashpoint64 °C
Hazard Class8
Package GroupIII
UN ID2209


Specification of Formalin

TDS of formalin

MSDS of Formalin

msds of formalin

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