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Why bitumen in drum is more higher than bag Bitumen in drum is 1$/Kg steel cost and each ton of bitumen 60/70 is near 60Kg steel weight and means 60$ is only cost of packing but jumbo bag is 10$ only and it is quite feasible to pack to save alot of cost. Why bitumen price increasing on 2021

Reason of increasing price of bitumen on 2021

1. local project has been stop for one year due Covid. 2. refineries shift on light crude and less vaccum bottom they will have. 3. China economic booming on 2021 and development is fast. 4. crude oil increasing. 5. africa needs high demand. Why most of bitumen buyers buying from Iran?

Most of bitumen buyer buying bitumen from Iran

Iran bitumen has below advantage: 1. Price is lowest 2. Quality is highest 3. Dealer are professional in bitumen business 4. Delivey is quick 5. Location of Iran is stratigic and has access to various market. 6. A lot of Iraning marketing bitumen at site so Iran bitumen is one big brands! Why Iran Bitume price is lower in the Middle East?

Iran bitumen price is lowest in the Middle East

Iran producing big volume of bitumen compare to other countries and able to sell based on compititve rate. So volume is advantage to bring down the Bitumen price. Differences of bitumen price in bulk and drum

Differences of Bitumen price in bulk and drum.

Bitumen price FOB of Bandar Abbas in differs packing in bulk and drum is 50$ differences. Today price (17 July 2016)bitumen 60/70 and 80/100 in drum is 230$ per ton and bulk is 180$ so bulk bitumen is cheaper based on 50$ compare drum bitumen. What diffrent grades of DAE process oil ? there are differnt grades of process oil DAE as below : DAE 10 , DAE 11 , DAE 20 , DAE 40 ,DAE 50 , DAE 60 why rubber process oil / DAE price has been increased recently? since source of cruid oil has been decreased rubber process oil price increased in all over the world . what is Plasticizers in rubber industry ?

what is dispersants in rubber industry ?

it is some kind of additive which increase the plasticity or fluidity of a material, it is called also as dispersants and main usage is in plastic industries . what is different between Aromatic rpo oil and paraffinic rpo oil ?

what is different between Aromatic rpo oil and paraffinic rpo oil  ?

Aromatic RPO generally is very dark in colour normally brown & good compatible with most Rubber Polymers. when colour of the end product is not important using aromatic oils like belts , tires , floor mats ,…Paraffinic rubber process oil is lighter than aromatic rpo , has a wide range of viscosity , higher Aniline & Flash Point. It is extensively used in the manufacturing of butyl tubes, EPDM based rubber products,  hose pipe & automotive Components. what are rpo refinery in iran ?

what are rpo refinery in iran ?

  • sepahan
  • iranol
  • behran
  • pars
what is international test method for rubber processing oil , DAE and TDAE ?

what is international test method of rubber processing oil , DAE and TDAE ?

ASTM is international test method for RPO , DAE , TDAE , MES . RAE, TRAE ,… is it possible to ship RPO in flexi tank as a bulk shipment? is it possible to ship RPO in flexi tank as a bulk shipment? no flexitank should fill in 20 DC containers , no vessel allowed to carry any product in flexibag with out container . can RPO ship in 40 foot containers with flexi tank ?

is it possibel to ship rubber processing oil in 40 foot containers with flexi tank ?

for safe shipping customers only can ship cargo in flexi tank only inside 20 foot containers. How to discharge heavy rubber process oil in cold weather condition from flexi tank ?

How to discharge high viscosity RPO in cold weather from flexi tank ?

highe viscosity rubber process oil is thick  or at in low temperature in fall and winter time become more thicker . This will decrease the speed of emptying the cargo from the Flexitanks, for this purpose there are heating pads which are installed together with FLEXITANK. It is used just before start of emptying using steam or hot water inside, in order to increase temperature of a cargo.

What is the differences between Jey bitumen and Pasargad bitumen?

What is the differences between Jey bitumen and Pasargad bitumen?

Jey and Pasargad bitumen both refineries making top quality of bitumen in the world. But the main differences is ductility of bitumen. Jey bitumen is more ductile and need to add less additive to modify the bitumen! So it is more expensive and more favor for importer. For instance in China the standard ductility of bitumen is minimum 100 at 15c and Jey bitumen supporting this item easily while international standard is 100 cm at 25 centigrade. It is the main differences of Jey and Pasargad bitumen.

What is Benefits and Advantages of Flexi packing for exporting rubber processing oil ?

What is Benefits and Advantages of Flexi packing for exporting rubber processing oil ?

  • Total cost reduction and higher profit margin
  • Market price fluctuation hedge
  • Cash flow optimization
  • Prompt “door to door” delivery
  • Flexitank can be used for storage, either temporary or even as an alternative to a permanent storage tank
  • Integrated service: shipping containers can be transferred to trucks, so flexitank can serve as a cost-effective door-to-door package for/from deep inland and difficult to reach destinations
How customers can discharge rubber process oil from flexi tank ?

How customer can discharge RPO from flexi tank ?

There is a lot of way to unload rubber process oil from flexi tank :
  • Using heating pad under the bags so heating RPO make it more viscouze so it makes it more easy to discharge .
  • Tear the bags in rubber processing oil pool .
  • Pumping RPO from flexi to where we need such as oil pools , tankers , drums , … .
How many metric ton we can load rubber process oil on flexitank ?

How Many metric ton we can load rubber processing oil (RPO) on flexitank ?

The volume of flexitanks is different, depending on the viscosity of rubber process oil, the capacity will be 22 MT/flexitank . Flexitank – flexi bag for packing RPO ?

What is flexitank – flexi bag for packing rubber process oil ?

A flexitank is an alternative way for liquid oils such as rubber process oil , base oil , industrial oil , … which can be used in different transportation mode such as railway , road tanks , container and other forms of transportation. Most of the customers, who were initially receiving rubber process oil , RPO , DAE , TDAE, MES  in drums have found that it is much better to ship their cargo by flexi tank cause it is more cost effective . what is the differences between RPO of Sepahan, Behran and Pars oil?

What is the differences between RPO of Sepahan, Behran , Iranol, and Pars oil?

Sepahan starting from 40 Viscosity to 60 @ 100C Behran RPO is maximum 30 at 100C Pars oil is from 35 at 100C You can not get test report from Pars oil! Iranol is heavy rubber process oil.

Pars oil is cheaper than Iranol and then Sepahan and then Behran.

Contrast and Compare Paraffin and Microcrystalline Wax

The differences between paraffin and microcrystalline are summarized in the table below

The distinct properties make each product suitable for special applications.

Property Microcrystalline Waxes Paraffin Waxes
Odor Odorless Odorless
Color Light Brown, Yellow, White White
Texture or “Feel” Adhesive Slick and Glossy
Melting point Higher melting point 54-95 c Lower melting point 48 to 70 c
Opacity Opaque Translucent
Tensile strength Plastic and malleable Brittle
Crystalline structure Monoclinic crystals Amorphous
Alkane CH4 structure Branched Straight Chain
what is the main filler of rubber process oil , RPO , TDAE ? Carbon black is the main reinforcing filler used in rubber compounds and serves to improve durability and strength. what is the biggest consumer of rubber process oil (RPO)? USA and CHINA is the biggest consumer of rubber process oil . which industry use most of the rubber process oil ?
  • tyre around 70% of rubber process oils use for producing
  • footwears
  • seals
  • shock absorbing parts
  • belts
  • hose
  • foamed rubber product
  • sport equipment
WHAT IS TYRE MAGIC TRIANGLE ? RUBBER PROCESS OIL , DAE AND TDAE IS CATEGORIZED AS AROMATIC OILD WHICH HAS A DARK BROWN OR DARK GREEN COLOR . DAE and TDAE performance and cost differences ? performance of TDAE is much better than DAE but DAE price and availability is much better than TDAE . WHAT IS THE COLOR OF RUBBER PROCESS OIL/DAE/TDAE? RUBBER PROCESS OIL , DAE AND TDAE IS CATEGORIZED AS AROMATIC OILD WHICH HAS A DARK BROWN OR DARK GREEN COLOR . How many types of candles are there, and what are the typical ingredients? A candle consists primarily of wax and a wick. Candles may also contain colorants, fragrances and minor additives. The basic candle types are tapers, votive, pillars, jar or container candles, tealight, gels, floating candles, outdoor candles, novelty candles, utility candles, and birthday candles. How long should I burn a candle?

Maximum burn times vary from candle to candle

follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Always extinguish a candle if the flame gets too close to the candle holder or container. For a margin of safety, discontinue burning a candle when 2 inches of wax remains (½ inch if a container candle or jar candle). Are scented candles safe?

The only difference with a scented candle is that a small amount of fragrance is released as well

When a candle burns, the wax is drawn into the wick, where it is consumed by the candle flame to produce water vapor and carbon dioxide. Reputable candle manufacturers use only fragrances that are approved for burning in candles. They also carefully monitor the addition of fragrance to ensure that the candle will burn cleanly and properly. Are candles made with “natural” ingredients or essential oils safer? In fact, scores of natural ingredients are known to be extremely toxic to humans in very small amounts. NCA members are committed to manufacturing candles that use ingredients known to be safe and approved for use in candles, whether natural or synthesized. Are vegetable-based waxes water soluble?

By definition, a wax is not soluble in water

wax is generally an oily material and can not be solved in water . oil stands on top of the water and can be picked up if the water is cold . because of this specification , one way to clean candle or other waxy materials from carpet or clothes is rubbing ice on it s surface and then pick wax from the surfaced Is paraffin wax toxic?

Paraffin wax like all candle waxes is non-toxic

paraffin is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in food, cosmetics, and medical applications. Food-grade paraffin is commonly used for manufacturing candles. for making food and cosmetic grade paraffin wax , it should be DE-oiled to 0.5% or less more oil content means industrial grade paraffin wax how much rubber process oil is needed to produce tire ? around seven gallon is required . what is the producing method of syntactic rubber process ? General purpose synthetic rubber has its origin in two gases: butadiene, a by-product of petroleum refining, and styrene, captured either in the coking process or as a petroleum refining by-product. When the two are mixed in the presence of soapsuds in a reactor, liquid latex results. The dry rubber in this milky liquid is then coagulated into crumbs, washed, dried, and baled ready for shipment. why we need syntactic rubber process oil ? after world war 2 when america used almost all natural rubber they had to find a solotion to find another alternative which conclud to syntatic rubber which has a important key role in daily life . what kind of rubber is available ? The two types of rubber natural and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber comes from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). Synthetic rubber is made by refinery’s from petrochemical feed stocks. Crude oil is the principal raw material. It is possible to fill bitumen in bulk?It is possible to fill bitumen in bulk? Yes bitumen in bulk is possible but arrangement of vessel is under buyer responsibility! How many bitumen drum can load in 20ft container? 110 drum we can load to 20ft container and each drum 185 kg. What is VG bitumen? VG bitumen means viscosity grade and compare 60/70 the viscosity is twice around 3200~3800. Who is big producer of bitumen in Iran? Jey and Pasargad are biggest producer of bitumen in Iran market. How choose grade of oxidized bitumen? To buy oxidized bitumen buyers must be knew the application also working temperature of the area. For instance under bathroom and kitchen u have to seal by oxidized bitumen 115/15 Is there any relation between oil price and Gilsonite price ? Becuase of limit source of Gilsonite there is not direct relation between oil price and Gilsonite price. Just demand on market creat is important key on price. What is differences between Iran and Russia bitumen? Main differences there is 1. Wax content of Russia bitumen is very high 2.  Viscosity of Russia bitumen is very low 3. Ductility of Russia bitumen is lower than standard. Who is biggest oxidized bitumen producer? She’ll producing big quantity of oxidized bitumen but always price is higher than others and there is shortage on delivery! Why there is different price for bitumen in Iran market? Depend on production method and pure or mix the bitumen price is different. How man drum stuffing per 20ft 110 drum of bitumen. Each drum 185 kg. Thickness of bitumen drum Depend on quality of bitumen drum there is .6 and .7 mm. What is 60/70 It is penetration of bitumen between 60~70 0.0mm What is 115/15 The first digit is softening point of oxidized bitumen and the second is penetration. Size of oxidized bitumen bag Size of oxidized bitumen bag is 90x40x15 cm. it is meltable bag. How many MT oxidized bitumen can load in 20ft Size of oxidized bitumen bag is 90x40x15 cm. it is meltable bag. How many MT oxidized bitumen can load in 20ft Oxidized bitumen as low density and maximum 22 MT we can load the blown asphalt in 20 ft container. Why oxidized bitumen in Europe prefer to pack in meltable bag It is because of invitomental case and oil product must be collected in special zone and cost is very high like as medical garbage. Why ATDM? We have share of blown bitumen refinery in Iranian market and able to supply reasonable price. Some of the highlights of our company that distinguish us in the industry are: Matchless quality and timely delivery Broad portfolio of oxidised bitumen Strong ethical values Sophisticated warehousing unit in port of loading for prompt shipment. Complete customer satisfaction in Global market. Widespread network Diligent and experience team of professionals With all these factors, we remain ahead of other competitors in the highly competitive market What is Gilsonite ? Gilsonite is black and natural rock asphalt that can be pulverized and melted to use in the ink, drilling fluid, asphalt and foundry industry. Gilsonite chemical makeup is a complex mix of elements that include sulfur, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, as well as small quantities of other elements. There are several different types and ranks of Gilsonite. Natural asphalt is classified by degrees of hardness, moisture and softening point. Gilsonite is hard petroleum, almost hydrocarbon, and containing the highest fuel content. Bituminous rock is a type of Gilsonite , the most common type in Iran, used to mix with oil base products to modify bitumen and to make high quality bitumen for high way and Airports also special Iran Gilsonite using for fluid lose control and stabilizing hole shale. To determine the origins of Gilsonite, one has to look back a long way. Some 300 million years ago, much of Iranian was a swamp covered with giant ferns, reeds and other animals. When the existence died, they fell under water, where the oxygen was not sufficient for them to decay completely. A result was the formation of peat. As the sea deposited layers of other materials over the peat through the centuries, the peat was tightly compacted and dried. It then hardened, in the final step of a natural process, to become Gilsonite. Because Gilsonite is composed of once living material, it is known as a “Organic asphalt.” In the heating of Gilsonite, its organic asphalt – the natural asphalt content stored in the ancient existence material – is released. It is oil and natural gas also asphaltite elements.
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