India bitumen demand during April June

The country’s bitumen production for the quarter, the first of the 2020-21 fiscal year starting 1 April, also fell by 35.9pc to 914,000t. State-controlled refiners stepped up production in June, up by 35.8pc from May at 482,000t, as demand for transportation fuels increased in the wake of the lockdown and refiners gradually increased run rates. Road construction activity was steady during June but slowed again in July as the country experienced its seasonal monsoon weather. Roading projects are expected to pick up pace again towards mid-August when the monsoon rains recede. Projects that fall under the National Highway Authority of India have continued during the monsoon period, with construction resuming when the weather allows. April-June imports increased by 3.7pc from a year earlier at 390,000t, with volumes coming mostly from the Mideast Gulf as prices remained attractive to bring in cargoes. India had no bitumen exports in the latest quarter compared with 8,000t for the same period last year.
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