bitumen 85/25

bitumen 85-25

Bitumen 85/25, characterized by its sol structure, undergoes a semi-hardening process through vacuum fractionation under oxidation or air blowing. This involves passing air through heated bitumen to achieve the desired viscosity, resulting in a flexible yet non-flowing bitumen at ambient temperatures. The air-blowing process modifies viscosity, leading to variations in equilibrium.

Applications of Bitumen 85/25

Usage of Bitumen 85/25 finds extensive across diverse industries:

  • Chemical and Fuel: Used as a component in chemical and fuel production.
  • Paints, Lacquers, and Varnishes: A key ingredient in the formulation of paints, lacquers, and varnishes.
  • Paper-Pulp-Board and Textile Processing: Employed in the manufacturing processes of paper, pulp board, and textiles.
  • Road Construction and Pavement: Integral in the construction of roads and pavements.
  • Crack Seal and Repair: Used for crack sealing and repair work.
  • Civil Works and Roofing: A crucial component in civil engineering projects and roofing.
  • Construction Industries: Widely utilized in various construction applications.
  • Sealing and Insulating Buildings: Acts as a sealant and insulating agent for buildings.
  • Adhesive and Additive: Used as an adhesive and additive in construction materials.
  • Dust-Binding and Coating: Employed for dust-binding and coating purposes.
  • Flooring and Insulating Agent: Used in flooring applications and as an insulating agent.
  • Production of Rubber and Plastic Products: An essential component in manufacturing rubber and plastic products.
  • Paving and Roofing: Commonly used in paving and roofing projects.
  • Asphalt-Based Paints: Included in the formulation of asphalt-based paints for corrosion protection.
  • Lining Public Works Structures: Used for lining structures in public works projects.
  • Adhesives in Electrical Laminates: An ingredient in adhesives used in electrical laminates.
  • Base for Synthetic Turf: Utilized as a base material for synthetic turf.

Packing of Bitumen 85/25

ATDM, as a manufacturer of blown asphalt, offers Bitumen 85/25 in various packing options, including kraft bags, meltable plastic bags, drums, and bulk packaging. The process involves controlled air blowing of penetration-grade bitumen until the specified softening point and penetration ranges are achieved. The oxidized bitumen grade 85/25 complies with ASTM standards and specifications.

Quality Assurance

ATDM provides a guarantee of the quality of Bitumen 85/25 by arranging international inspectors to oversee quality and quantity during each shipment’s loading. Rigorous quality control measures, including batch test reports, are employed before shipping to ensure compliance with ASTM/EN 13304:2009 standards.

Bitumen 85/25 Specification

PropertySpecificationTest Method
Specific Gravity @ 25/251.01/1.06ASTM D-70
Penetration @ 25°C20/30ASTM D-5
Softening Point (°C)80/90ASTM D-36
Loss on Heating (%)0.2 MaxASTM D-6
Flash Point (°C)250 minASTM D-92
Solubility in CS2 (%)99.5 MaxASTM D-4
Spot TestNegativeA.A.S.H.O T102

In summary, Bitumen 85/25 stands as a versatile material, finding applications across numerous industries for its unique properties and adaptability. ATDM ensures the highest quality standards, making it a reliable choice for various construction and manufacturing needs.

Specification of  Bitumen 85/25
specification of bitumen 85/25


MSDS of Bitumen 85/25

MSDS of of Gilsonite in Oil and Gas

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