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What is carbon black N660

Carbon black N660 is general purpose furnace black (GPF), It has higher structure, smaller particle size, easy to disperse, higher tensile stress and strain at break and also lower heat-up-good elasticity and fatigue properties . Mainly GPF is black bead or granular or grain and amorphous solid, actually one of the applications of carbon black N600 in production hydraulic-brake hose of high anti fatigue it is characterized in that ,also the carbon black in the description inner glue layer raw materials is black N550,  N660 , and also the percentage of shared inner glue layer raw material gross weigh.

Usage of black N660

The Carbon black N660 is suitable for various vulcanizates as well as compared to semi-reinforcement black. It’s widely used in various fields, and GPF is used in fabrics cord of tire, bicycle and inner tires, house, belt, cable, shoes, extrusion compounds and rolling compounds.

Packing of the material

Packing in double layer Kraft paper-PE envelopes ( 20-25 kg)
Grad Bag weight(kg) Pallet weight(kg) Volume per 40 FCL
N-660 25 1,375 22.000
Bulk jumbo packing-double valve, PP-PE(1,100kg)
Grade Bag Weight(kg) Pallet Weight(kg) Volume per40 FCL
N-660 1,100 1,100 22,000

How we are shipping the cargo?

Depending on the grade of carbon black, we carry and load it.  According to the transportation ways of the buyer country, the method of loading it changes, usually through 40-foot containers, where each container changes from at least 15,489 to at least 22 depending on the grade of carbon black and the type of packaging.

Carbon black N660 properties analysis

Specification Value
Appearance Black granular
Iodine absorptions, g/kg 32-40
CATB absorptive specific surface area, 103 m2/kg 32-40
DBP absorption, 10-5 m3/kg 85-95
Absorptive specific surface area, 103 m2/kg 30-40
Tinting strength, % –          – –
Compressed sample DBP absorption, 10-5 m3/kg 71-79
Heat loss, % 1.5 max.
Ash, % 0.5 max.
Residue on 45µm sieve, % 0.1 max.
Residue on 500µm sieve, % 0.001 max.
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