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iran bitumen

We are Iran bitumen manufacturer and exporter

ATDM is 20 years Iran bitumen manufacturer and exporting from Bandar Abbas, UAE and Turkey to global market specially in best quality and price with a lot of business reference in destination countries additionally with highly approved standards based on ASTM and EN.

Meanwhile, exporting a wide array of grades, we cater to the global demand for bitumen in road construction. Additionally, we proudly hold a place in the vendor lists of the top 100 road construction companies in China, India, UAE, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Brazil.

Available bitumen grades from Iran

Furthermore Iran produces various grades tailored to different applications. 

  1. Penetration Grade Bitumen (60/70, 80/100):
    • 60/70 and 80/100 refer to penetration values measured in tenths of a millimeter.
    • 60/70 is commonly used in road construction.
    • 80/100 is used for areas with harsh weather conditions.
  2. Viscosity Grade Bitumen (VG 10, VG 30, VG 40):
    • Viscosity Grade bitumen is categorized based on viscosity at a certain temperature.
    • VG 10, VG 30, and VG 40 are common viscosity grades.
  3. Oxidized Bitumen:
    • Produced by air-blowing bitumen to increase its softening point and other properties.
    • bitumen 115/15, 90/40, 90/15, 95/25, 110/30, 75/25 and 85/25.
    • Used in roofing, pipe coating, and other industrial applications.
  4. Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB):
    • Bitumen modified with polymers to enhance its performance and properties.
    • PMB  10/40-65 and 25/55-65 also 50/90-55.
    • Provides better resistance to rutting, fatigue, and cracking.
  5. Cutback Bitumen:
    • Bitumen is liquefied by adding a solvent (usually kerosene or gasoline).
    • Bitumen MC30, MC70 and RC70
    • Used for prime coating and patching of pavements.

Packing of bitumen

In terms of packaging,Available packing is new steel drum, polybag, jumbo bag, Bulk bitumen, Bitutank.

  1. bitumen in steel drum: Size of drum bitumen is 110, 150 and 185kg and our bitumen is available just in new steel drum
  2. Bitumen in polybag: Polybag is a composite bag with different two sizes of 25Kg and 50Kg available in loss and palletized packing.
  3. Bitumen in jumbo bag: Jumbo bag should be stuffed in container only one layer and each jumbo bag is 850Kg.
  4. Bitumen in bulk vessel: We are able to supply bitumen in bulk starting from 1000MT up to 36000MT.
  5. Bitumen in bitutank: Bitutank and bitutainers should be arranged by our customer and we can support bitumen buyers up to FOB of BND.

We are member of bitumen syndicate

As a member of the Iran bitumen syndicate, we uphold the highest standards in manufacturing and exporting bitumen, ensuring compliance with international regulations and standards. With a nominal capacity of approximately 4.5 million tons, our production facilities span across several key geographical locations in Iran.

Road asphalt

Before 2001 production of bitumen was under responsibility of Iran production and distribution and of national Iran oil company. After that responsibility of domestic and export market referred to private companies. From total production of bitumen 85% is using in road construction and repair and the rest distributing in insulation and roofing industry.

Export process

Special license for export of bitumen needed by government and ATDM has all permission to do process of custom clearance and ship the goods by bulk vessel and drum also bag and flexi tank.


We are doing several test on bitumen before export , some of the test is as below:

  1. Penetration test of bitumen
  2. Specific gravity of bitumen
  3. Softening point of bitumen
  4. Solubility of bitumen in TCE
  5. Ductility test on bitumen
  6. Flash point on bitumen
  7. Spot test on bitumen
  8. Drop in penetration of bitumen after loss on heating
  9. Change of mass
  10. Retained penetration
  11. Ductility at 15C
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