Natural bitumen powder supplier use in drilling asphalt ink

natural bitumen

what is natural bitumen

Natural bitumen produce from bituminous rocks and changed after millions of years of natural mineral precipitation under pressure and geological changes.

Natural bitumen in drilling fluid

Where the drilling fluid is to be used with very high bottom hole temperatures, say a bottom hole temperature in the neighborhood of 350 F., even higher melting point natural asphalts than above indicated required to cool done the rod and convert to a sealer of well to prevent fluid loss.

Natural bitumen as bitumen modifier

Modifying the road bitumen with natural asphalt is easy and no need special machinery to blend and in 2 hours able to make modified bitumen also softening point can significantly improve the high temperature stability of asphalt pavement, improve the ability of pavement rutting.

Benefit of Hydrogen in natural asphalt

Hydrogen content of natural asphalt can increase the viscosity of bitumen , enhanced oxidation resistance , adhesion and resistance make the cut off of the aggregate has been significantly improved, improved resistance to water damage ability asphalt pavement .

natural bitumen packing

Molecular weight

Molecular types of material is wax contain , Waxes melt at higher temperatures and decrease the viscosity of the asphalt binder. However, they form solid crystals at cold temperatures, which will increase the viscosity of the binder, and this may accelerate cracking and recommend to use the Gilsonite in high temperature countries.

How work in Paint?

Wooden products are paint friendly with Natural bitumen. It can be used to color natural oils, glazes, waxes and oil based varnishes. Meanwhile  natural asphalt is an organic pigment that easily adheres to stone and metal (old hardware) as well.

What about ink?

It is widely used as the primary carbon black wetting agent for black news inks and headset and toner ink in the meantime ATDM resin competes advantageously with hydrocarbon resins, phenolic resins.

Natural bitumen in asphalt composition

We discovered that synthetic flux oil can contain and deliver asphaltite, such as gilsonite, more easily and readily to an asphalt to improve its properties.

The synthetic flux oil includes the asphaltite and a carrier oil. Depending on the nature of the carrier oil, the synthetic flux oil may or may not need to be heated during mixing and incorporation into the asphalt.

Natural bitumen in construction

The cement compositions are disclosed which utilize petroleum asphalt, reactive oil and an elastomer.

These compositions produce superior natural bitumen cement that can give low viscosity during application followed by high viscosity, toughness and tenacity after curing on the highway.

Natural bitumen in foundry

It is an additive for foundry sand pre-blends providing reduced smoke and other emissions, the additive comprising a mixture of one part iron oxide as one part of a highly volatile carbonaceous material, and four parts of metallurgical coke.

The natural bitumen additive is used as one quarter of the foundry sand pre-blend, the other three quarters consisting essentially of clay

Specification of

Bitumen in Industrial

MSDS of Bitumen in Industrial

MSDS of Bitumen Industrial

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