Sealcoating tanks

Sealcoating pump and tank selection; Tank agitation systems we recycle used tanks. It looks like you included personal information in your comments. The tanks may have minor cosmetic nicks or dents in them but do not affect the quality of. Our inventory of asphalt sealing and sealer equipment includes tanks, skids and more. Sealing Tanks from gilsonite sealcoating direct, Seal coating machine asphalt seal direct, asphalt sealcoating equipment sprayer, PowrLiner.

Sealcoating equipment 

550 gallon hydraulic paddle agitation steel Gilsonite seal coating tank. Gilsonite sealcoating brush tank our brush tanks are durable 14 gauge steel and are built for years of service. This rugged steel tank is 48″ long x 10 ” wide x 16″ deep. Gilsonite sealcoating tanks are offered in a variety of different designs.

ATDM is supplier of gilsonite sealcoating equipment. we are manufacturing is a leading Iran. manufacturer of asphalt seal coating equipment including spray tanks, portable.

Our Gilsonite Sealer is a solvent based oil asphalt sealcoat sealer that has similar properties to asphalt emulsion but is superior at penetrating the asphalt for maximum rejuvenation. Gilsonite sealers can be used for general sealcoating purposes but by design, they are generally used to repair old damaged asphalt with oxidation caused by UV rays and general weather wear.

Sealer preventing oxidization

Sealer is a gilsonite-based emulsified asphalt seal coating product that the primary deteriorating factor for most asphalt pavements is surface oxidation. It very early in the life of the pavement, and timely repeat applications every four to seven years, can eliminate surface oxidation as a significant factor in pavement deterioration.

It naturally occurring resinous asphalt ore found in Utah that does not have to undergo an oil refining process. Gilsonite emulsions are non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic also specially selected plasticizers and oils that penetrate and reintroduce essential binders into the pavement matrix.

Benefit of sealing

surface oxidation and moisture damage on asphalt pavements, halting deterioration and sealing the surface to help repel water. The product also helps prevent or cure surface raveling.

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