Bitumen waterproof


What is bitumen paint  bitumen paint?

Bitumen waterproof paint using a waterproof, waterproof and corrosion resistant protective coating. This material is resistant to low concentrations of alkali and acids and can withstand long-term oxidation.

It is effective in protecting various surfaces from water damage as it acts as a barrier between concrete or asphalt and the liquid and is useful for use with portable potable water tanks.

Moreover, bitumen waterproofing is a black paint based on solvent with a full body. This odorless and stain-free bitumen  product, upon drying, proves suitable for protecting various surfaces, including metals, concrete roofs, felt, cement fibers, corrugated iron, asphalt, and wood, against water.

properties of bitumen waterproof paints

Bituminous paints exhibit enhanced durability and acceptability when modified with polyurethane or acrylic polymer materials.
Resistant to alkali, these paints showcase their robust nature in various environmental conditions.
Ensuring an excellent barrier against air penetration, bituminous paints boast good adhesion, providing structural integrity.
Strength, waterproofing capabilities, durability, and resistance to harsh manufacturing chemicals and UV light are inherent qualities of bituminous paint. The protective prowess of bituminous paint extends to preventing surface rust, enhancing the longevity of the coated materials.

Bituminous available in a range of sizes – 1 liter, 5 liters, 2 liters, and 25 liters – bituminous paint caters to diverse project equirements, with coverage specified per liter.
On a flat metal surface, bituminous paint typically covers an area of 10 square meters per liter, ensuring efficient use and value for money.

Bituminous paint, a ready-to-use product, eliminates the need for thinning and allows users to apply it effortlessly with a brush or spray.
Affordability, quick drying time, and ease of use make bituminous paints a practical choice for various applications.

The primary applications of bituminous paint in the construction industry

Bituminous paints are special paints used in buildings for insulation, corrosion resistance, and edible insulation applications for various structural elements.

It is made from bitumen or coal tar dissolved in mineral spirits or naphtha, which is applied as a liquid or semi-liquid to the structure.

Bituminous paint is applied on substrates, iron, steel, metal structures, castings, asbestos cement sheet and concrete surface of the structure.

Bituminous paint can be used to cover ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and other building materials in marine environments.

It is an acceptable coating solution that can be applied above and below ground.



Specification of Bitumen Waterproof Paint

TDS of Bitumen Waterproof

MSDS of Bitumen of WaterProof Paint

MSDS of Bitumen Waterproof


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