SBR 1712


 Description of Styrene Butadiene  Rubber SBR 1712

SBR 1712 is a cold polymerized, 23.5% styrene paint of the SBR type extended with 37.5 parts highly aromatic oil. The raw materials for this elastomer are carefully selected to produce the best physical properties and processing characteristics at an economical cost.

Styrene butadiene rubber  SBR 1712 is the most widely used synthetic rubber. It is produced in 2 types as Emulsion SBR and Solution SBR. It is used as a substitute for natural rubber in many applications. Although its mechanical properties are not as good as natural rubber, it can be mixed in a shorter time and easily.

Types 1500-1599 are Cold Rubber Types; types 1700-1799 are Oily Cold Rubber types. the most popular products are SBR 1502, SBR 1712 and SBR 1723.

Different types of SBR

There are two different types of SBR rubber polymer:

  • emulsion SBR
  • solution SBR

Usage SBR 1712

Styrene butadiene is used across a broad range of applications, Vehicle tires, mechanical products, conveyor belts, shoe soles, V-belts, molded rubber products, extrusion gaskets, hoses, brake and clutch pads, automobile mats, flooring, rubber toys and adhesives

Physical appearance of SBR 1712

It is Solid, pale yellow or light brown in color

Packaging of product

SBR 1712 packed in 36 bales of 35 kg wrapped with polyethylene film in a 1260 kg pallet or 30 bales of 30 kg wrapped with polyethylene film in a 900 kg pallet

Storage of SBR 1712

It is stored in a dry and cool warehouse under 40 degrees Celsius, protected from sunlight. Shelf life is 12 months.

Properties of product

Typical PropertiesUnitsValuesTest method
Raw Mooney viscosityMU42-52ASTM D1646
Volatile Material% wt< 0.75ASTM D5668
Ash Content% wt< 0.5ASTM D5667
Organic acids% wt3.9-5.7ASTM D 5774
Soaps% wt<0.5ASTM D 5774
Bounded styrene% wt22.5-24.5ASTM D 5775
Oil Content% wt25.8-28.8ASTM D 5775
Compound Mooney viscosity2MU<62ASTM D 1646
Tensile strength (35 min cured)2KG/CM2>200ASTM D 412
Ultimate elongation (35 min cured)2%>530ASTM D 412
300% Modulus (35 min cured)2Kg/cm279-109ASTM D 412


Specification of Butadiene Rubber SBR 1712

TDS of Butadiene Rubber SBR 1712

MSDS of Butadiene Rubber


MSDS of Butadiene Rubber SBR 1712

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